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About Us

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Sheep for Solar is part of the S/G Group, including our sister businesses, Goats for Weeds and Forestry Sheep.


In 2018, the S/G Ranch was purchased and transformed into a goat & sheep haven where our animals can roam over 400 acres when not working. We also have 12 incredible dogs, horses and some pretty great humans too.  When not out working, we all love the ranch!

Owner & CAO (Chief Animal Officer), Daniel Feldman, has a long history working in the green industry - including Director of a major solar power producer. As part of the team developing the largest solar project in Canada (Travers 400MW), Daniel began to focus on how they would take care of the land responsibly, knowing that spraying pesticides would not align with their values and repeatedly mowing 3500+ acres was too labour intensive and ineffective in reaching all the vegetation. 

That's when Sheep for Solar was born. From the perspective of a solar producer looking to manage the land in the most responsible and cost-effective way possible. 


Our family feels so fortunate to have the chance to work with so many different landowners throughout Alberta - and our animals love it too. Taking care of these incredible landscapes is the greatest privilege for us.  

Mission Vision
Who We Are


To provide sustainable land management solutions for renewable energy projects that aligns with their environmental goals.


To be the leading land management service for renewable energy projects in North America. 


We are committed to supporting the renewable energy industry by protecting and regenerating the land they use.

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