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Our company is built on solar experience.


Having worked in the solar industry on some of the biggest solar initiatives in Canada, we understand the value of the projects we are part of and how critical it is to have trustworthy partners.


This is not a little ranch looking for a place to put their sheep. We are a full service land management solution for major solar producers. We carry $5M in liability insurance and know how to operate safely on your sites with accountability and clear lines of communication. 


As the producer of a sustainable energy alternative, choosing a sustainable weed control solution is a priority for your stakeholders. Our completely natural approach to weed control is not only more effective than alternatives, it also regenerates the land with the herd's natural aeration and fertilizer.


No matter the size of your solar project, using Sheep to manage the land and vegetation is the most cost effective and environmentally responsible option you can choose. 

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How Does It Work?

We make it easy

Weed and land management is a critical part of any solar project.
Properly managing the vegetation under and around PV systems not only protects your valuable investment from shading and hot spots, it also ensures the land and soil remain healthy for generations to come.

The solution is simple: Sheep for Solar

Sheep are grazers. They will eat dense, woody vegetation like their browsing goat brethren - but have a more ferocious appetite for grass and weeds on the ground, acting more like lawnmowers than bushwackers.

For large solar energy projects, this is an important distinction as Sheep will work methodically around your PV systems to chomp down the vegetation without the need for daily shepherding.

This means that it 
costs lower than targeted weed control as the Sheep don't require constant direction. 
Sheep will effectively control grass, and once they acquire a taste for it, will consume weeds as well.  A sheep can manage between 0.75 - 1.0 acres, so if your project is 500 acres, we would bring between 500 - 650 sheep depending on land management requirements.

The additional benefit of using Sheep is that they also help regenerate the land, improve the soil, and fertilize new growth for a healthier ecosystem.

Contact us for a free land assessment.

Sheep are like lawnmowers, while goats are more like bushwackers. 

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Did you know?

One sheep can manage vegetation on an entire acre on a solar farm


Sheep will work under and around solar panels, eating weeds that sprays can't reach.

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